Why Nínú Yàrá Ìkàwé?

The following are unique features you will enjoy by choosing Nínú Yàrá Ìkàwé as your Yorùbá learning platform:

Accessibility & Learner's Pace Mode

Our Courses are easily accessible from anywhere with Internet connection and you can learn at your own pace by setting learning goals to match your convenience with our sophisticated tools. Lessons can be repeatedly referred to as desired and you have a 24/7 access to our Instructors on whatever encounters or concerns you have in your learning journey.

Group & Private Live Sessions

You have the opportunity to have scheduled one-on-one interactive session with our trained and native instructors whether privately or in group with other Students. This will facilitate a medium to clarify anything you have bothering you from the Classroom lectures and also learn in real time with our seasoned Coaches.


Conducive Virtual Classroom attendable from the comfort of your Homes where you tend to learn new topics in your pursuits by the day. Interface friendly website and a high technical digitalized learning for a fulfilling experience.


A well designed and creative Curriculum to help Students achieve their aim in learning to Speak, Write and Understand Yorùbá language. Various creatively designed learning aids to help you catch up fast and have fun while learning.


Issuance of Certificate at the point of successful completion of the programme. You would be offered a recognizer Certificate of Completion at the end of each Course.