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Here is a sing-along cartoon video that will help you learn Yoruba Alphabet with ease and fun. It is a learning aid that has been creatively and strategically developed to enhance fast assimilation for both Kids and Adults.

• Take and Complete the Lessons in each module one after the other (Very important).
• Our recommendation is “a Module for a Week”. Kindly stick to it for best results.
• There is a Notepad on the viewing page where you can jot and save notes.
• Attempt Quizzes and Workbooks as may apply for each Lesson/Module after watching each video lesson.
• As may apply in each case, you’ll find Quiz under the Video and Workbook is in the Material section above video in the Viewing page.
• Quizzes are assessed immediately you complete them and you can get correction(s) afterward.
• Email your completed workbooks to for assessment and it will be addressed within 24hrs of submission.
• If you have any issues using our platform, email or feel free to use the live chat on our website, it’s quick and helpful!


ÒǸKÀ ÈDE Yorùbá (Yoruba Numbers)