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Holding the Identity of Yoruba begins from understanding the Language and this is why we are here for you, to coach and guide you in learning the Yoruba Language; its understanding, fluency in speaking, writing, reading and others.

A saying in Yoruba reads “Láti kékeré ni ìmọ̀le ti ń kọ́ ọmọ rẹ̀ l’ẹ́sìn” meaning that “A Cleric starts teaching and showing his Child the ways of his religion right from young age” this is why we have not left Kids out of this, and this is why you should not procrastinate any further in learning your Mother’s tongue. We are here to support you to every length, order for the learning aids with your desired preference for them, and see how speaking Yoruba fluently comes like magic.

• Take and Complete the Lessons in each module one after the other (Very important).
• Our recommendation is “a Module for a Week”. Kindly stick to it for best results.
• There is a Notepad on the viewing page where you can jot and save notes.
• Attempt Quizzes and Workbooks as may apply for each Lesson/Module after watching each video lesson.
• As may apply in each case, you’ll find Quiz under the Video and Workbook is in the Material section above video in the Viewing page.
• Quizzes are assessed immediately you complete them and you can get correction(s) afterward.
• Email your completed workbooks to for assessment and it will be addressed within 24hrs of submission.
• If you have any issues using our platform, email or feel free to use the live chat on our website, it’s quick and helpful!